What They Said.


Noah is the only man in China that knows how to explain a location to you through his photographs. Do not go to China without him.


Noah Weinzweig is at the top of his field. Having shot in more than 40 countries I can say there is not a better more capable field producer anywhere, at least where I have shot. He is flexible, which is essential for what we do, thinks creatively, and understands visual imagery. He is also persistent and able to present projects in the best possible way that consistently yielded terrific results for us. Noah also has a great team behind him when more resources are required. Just as important Noah is a pleasure to work with and quickly fit in with our crew. In short we had a great shoot in China plus a lot of fun. I look forward to working with Noah in the future.


When I began the “China Project” I didn’t know where to begin. It is a very large and populous nation and finding a way in to make sense of it is no mean feat. After months of trying to make sense of the local tour operators and hearing what they could do for me I knew I was in trouble and I needed someone who understood what I was going after and how to get me there. In this regard I believe there are few that can do what Noah does. He can make the impossible real because he understands how the system works and how to get results in China. His command of Mandarin puts him on an even footing with the Chinese and his good nature and sense of humor wins them over every time. His sense of humor, command of English, and cool demeanor under fire are equally great assets for photographers and film makers doing grueling shoots in China.


Producer (Oscar Winner)
Noah Weinzweig is one of the most reliable and resourceful people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Organizing a three week recce down the Yangtze in preparation for our feature film, the Secret Sharer, Noah turned what could have been a fruitless exercise into an inspiring trip which has led to the realisation of our project. Not only did his extensive network of local contacts help facilitate entry to places normally difficult or impossible to access, but also his knowledge of Mandarin, respect for Chinese customs and charming perseverance bore fruit for our core recce. I hope to be working with Noah again in the very near future and I am happy to recommend his and his company’s services to anyone in the film and television production business.

Chris Bremble

CEO of Base FX (Emmy winner)
We couldn’t have done it without Noah. He came through on a moment’s notice. We had vacillated between cg and live action elements for a few weeks, and once we saw some tests, we knew it had to be live action. I had Noah on the phone ten minutes later, and that weekend we were filming some massive explosions; we rolled three cameras on everything, and got more than necessary but just what we needed. The day was one of the best I’ve had in production.