Teneighty founder Noah Weinzweig has 15 years of experience shooting and producing in China. His credits include Hollywood blockbusters, commercials, documentaries and fine art photography. Noah is also well known for securing access to many of China’s most difficult locations and is a seasoned veteran of the Chinese film industry, with credits including Mission Impossible 3,
Star Wars 3 and Ultraviolet. Known for field producing world-renowned fine art photographer Edward Burtynsky’s stunning China work, Noah also served as China line producer and aerial cinematographer for Manufactured Landscapes, the award-winning theatrical film about Burtynsky. During this project he cemented a reputation for acquiring access to some
of the most restricted locations in China. He began his film and TV career as a camera assistant in Toronto at the age of 19, and four years later he left to pursue language studies in China and Taiwan. Noah is now fluent in Mandarin and has lived and worked in Beijing since 1995, with wide experience as both a producer and a DP/camera operator.